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Community member speaks at Members Forum, BOD Meeting 11/16/21

My name is Ron Shepard, I live at Lot 7713 and have been a member of this community for over 16 years. I am not new to community volunteerism. I have constantly been active both in and outside of our community gates. I have held numerous Board and Committee positions as well as in most clubs and organizations.

I make this statement simply to indicate that through my community involvement I have an intimate and overriding understanding of this community’s history and development, its organization, its governing documents, and its past and ongoing issues. I believe that I am well qualified to make legitimate comments regarding the mechanisms and machinations of Seven Lakes West.

I am going to comment on the recent survey from the Communications Committee.

It took the Communications Committee well over 90 days to create a survey of 16 questions with an extremely limited scope. The survey as constructed addressed only existing tools – the E-Blast, the mail house TV’s, and social media. Question 16 was the only question that allowed for any open commentary. As a result, the survey is limited in meaning and application and will most certainly deliver the following predetermined results:

  1. The E-blast is worthwhile and read by more folks than not.
  2. The TVs in the mail house are not heavily used and are generally ignored.
  3. That social media is either loved or hated.

What the survey did NOT do was query the issues surrounding the now eliminated message board – courtesy of this Board. The survey provided no opportunity for real discussion and the sharing of ideas within the community.  Specifically, two-way communication between the Board and community members was totally ignored. The survey does absolutely nothing to solicit and explore ways to improve communications within Seven Lakes West.

What is needed is a survey that addresses openness and transparency of the Board and its committees, not a false affirmation of the existing one-way communication channels. I challenge the Board and the Communications Committee to produce such a survey.

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