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Thoughts from Concerned Community Member

Friends & Neighbors, 

As you may know, I am one of the litigants associated with a lawsuit against members of the Board of Directors concerning bad governance and a fraudulent election.  This court action is moving along routinely and will come to an end sometime soon.  Although I can’t speak for the rest of the litigants, it is important to me that you all know some things that motivated me to sign this lawsuit.  Well, there are many good reasons but unfortunately I can’t lay it all out for you at this time because of a legal procedure called DISCOVERY.  The most important issue to me however, is the absolute need to protect our beautiful lake and dam.  Seven Lakes West is a “One Of A Kind” man-made PARADISE because of that very fragile dam.  Thank God we have extremely dedicated and knowledgable retired engineers and technician volunteers that have actively cared for the dam and lake over the years.  In my opinion however, the last three BoDs, including the present one, have not taken the proper precautions and protection of Lake Auman or the Dam seriously at their level.  The Board voted down an opportunity to conduct the most comprehensive lake study ever done on our lake earlier this year for no legitimate reason.  It wasn’t the cost that motivated them, in my opinion, they were afraid that the data generated by the lake study would have a negative impact on their water sports activities.  

Where were their priorities?

Lake Auman Dam…….A Point in Time

Ever ponder about the origins of the Lake Auman Dam? Ever wonder why vehicle traffic is not allowed to drive across the Dam? Take a few moments and read about the earthen dam that serves as the cornerstone of our beautiful community. Jerry Constantino has written an excellent historical document that is informative and educational. The author depicts a chronological timeline and discussion regarding the construction, maintenance, repairs and future of our precious asset and those that have safeguarded it through the years. You will probably want to make copies to show your friends. Enjoy!

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