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Lake Auman Dam…….A Point in Time

Ever ponder about the origins of the Lake Auman Dam? Ever wonder why vehicle traffic is not allowed to drive across the Dam? Take a few moments and read about the earthen dam that serves as the cornerstone of our beautiful community. Jerry Constantino has written an excellent historical document that is informative and educational. The author depicts a chronological timeline and discussion regarding the construction, maintenance, repairs and future of our precious asset and those that have safeguarded it through the years. You will probably want to make copies to show your friends. Enjoy!

7LWLA BOD finally responds to questions!

                                                   Board of Directors Meeting

                                                            August 24, 2021

                                          Questions – Responses – Reality Check

During the monthly Board meeting, on August 24, 2021, many questions were asked by the attending members. The Board has traditionally not provided responses or consideration for community questions and comments. However, in this rare instance, the Board chose to provide a formal response, which was posted on the Sept. 3, 2021 SLWLA E-Blast.

The purpose of this document is to capsulize, in a clear and concise manner the following:

              – Questions Asked             (seven questions listed below)

              – Board Responses              ( type color is RED )

              – Reality Check or Fact Check of Board Responses     (type color is BLUE)

In several instances, the Board response did not address the question. In several others, the Board provided misleading or untrue information and in one instance claimed the member asking the question must have misheard or misunderstood the Board member during a recent meeting. Claims such as these are hard to dispute or prove since the Board will not release the digital transcripts of the meetings.

After a careful review, the reader can determine who is operating in good faith and who is disingenuous.

  1. Ron Shepard and Tom LoSapio both inquired about Board communications.
  2. Paul Brezinski spoke about the condition of the dam.
  3. Paul Brezinski asked about the current Lake Use Study.
  4. _
  5. Frank Ingham asked about the dam, the lawsuit, and oversight of clubs.
  6. Tom LoSapio stated that the Treasurer made comments about her and the Finance Committee’s lack of expertise.
  7. Susan Keenan asked why the legal expenses were so high last year.
  8. _
  9. Tom LoSapio asked about protecting the fish habitat in Lake Auman.

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