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  • The SLW Board of Directors (BOD) controls the community Message Board and the E-blast.   Due to BOD control and censorship of communications, Lake Auman Watch was created to tell “the other side of the story.”
  • The community Message Board was used by the BOD to demean a family who attempted to take legal action against the BOD in 2020.
  • The BOD used the E-blast to disparage a community member that was a candidate for the 2021 election to the BOD.
  • The BOD refuses to release video recordings of BOD meetings, and transcripts that they do release in the form of “minutes” are often incomplete.


  • The BOD repeatedly refuses to answer questions posted by community members on the Message Board.
  • As a result, a Notice and Demand for Corrective Action was sent to the board from our legal counsel requesting “an amicable resolution”.  The BOD refused to respond.
  • Lack of reply from the BOD left us with little choice but to submit a legal complaint
  • The BOD has released the names of the litigants listed on this complaint which is not required by any law and was not done in 2 previous legal issues that were settled by the board.  
  • The cost of those 2 previous settlements exceeds the cost of the proposed NC State Lake Study.


  • In November 2020, 5 longstanding members of the Lake Committee were dismissed under the pretense of streamlining the committee.  All 5 members’ have opinions that happen to be contrary to the committee leadership’s agenda
  • The co-chair of the Lake Committee when the group dismissal occurred is now the current Secretary of the BOD.
  • Questions about election votes being cast by developers, which is not allowed by our by-laws, have gone unanswered by the BOD.
  • A formal complaint was filed with the Community Manager regarding developer lots, and NO RESPONSE has ever been received.
  • Results of this questionable election created a pro wake boat BOD making it difficult to have a reasonable discussion regarding the effects of wake boats on our lake and dam.
  • The BOD will not allow an audit of the election results.
  • The BOD Treasurer openly admitted that the community did have the funds in our reserve account to cover the cost of this study and she made a motion to fund the Lake Study with these funds.
  • In March 2021, the BOD fired the Community Advocate after he substantiated complaints against the BOD.
  • In April 2021, the BOD voted “NO” on the NC State Lake Study against the recommendations of the Lake Committee, the Dam Committee, and the Lake Master Planning Committee.
  • In May 2021, the BOD refused to accept the Judicial Panel’s appointment of the panel’s chair and removed all but one member from the Judicial Panel.
  • During the June 2021 BOD meeting, our treasurer admitted to being unaware of specific reporting duties and has failed over many months to provide the community with required financial documentation.
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